Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing quietly

Parker is having his toys traverse an obstacle course of shoes, diaper bags,and other toys.
He calls these little Sesame Street characters his grandma got the boys his "friends"
I love this look on his face... he's "smiling" for the camera. You can also see how raw his poor little face is from his runny nose.
The boys wanted the camera, so I took a pic of all of us... well, several, but this one's the best!
Evan LOVES to play with books!

uh oh! He noticed the camera, and was sad I didn't give it to him. Poor kid's getting his molars in too right now, and has been unusually grumpy... especially at night, which makes it even harder for Mommy and Daddy!

Just a cute close up of Evan coloring... this is something that happens nearly every day. Usually in the coloring book, although we have needed to buy some Magic Eraser to clean off the door in the living room....

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balloongal said...

Cute and sad at the same time. Sorry they've got the runny noses and teething issues, but they are absolutely adorable and creative.