Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Reflections

As I was washing one of my pots today, I noticed the distinctive pattern on the bottom caused by careful scouring. All of my pots were a gift from my grandmother, and were ones that she used herself. She was a fantastic cook, and a wonderful woman. I could imagine her meticulously cleaning that pot, and her others, with careful attention and love. She was that kind of woman, and I can learn a lot from her! I can be more attentive and careful in my work at home.

This weekend is also Easter weekend, when we celebrate, and hopefully think about, the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the experiences I've had throughout my life that have helped me better appreciate the resurrection.

The basic function of the resurrection is to allow us all the chance to live again, to take up our mortal bodies again, forever. This basic fact means that we'll be able to see our loved ones again. I know we've all lost people close to us, as death is an inevitability of life. My Grandma Golebiowski died over two years ago, now, but I still think of her often, and am grateful for the promise of the resurrection on her behalf!

I love this picture of my grandma, my younger brother, Michael, and me. One of the reasons I like it is that it shows why I don't look like the rest of my siblings and gorgeous blond cousins! (My hair was highlighted in this pic...) We also look happy.
I am so glad my grandma came to our wedding reception, having her there meant so much to us!
Another blessing of the resurrection is that it will allow us to have perfect physical bodies. I'll admit that when I was younger, that aspect of the resurrection didn't mean much to me! But, when my little brother broke his neck at fifteen and became a quadriplegic, I gained yet another reason to be grateful for the resurrection. He is undaunted in facing his current trials because he knows that they are temporary, and that he will indeed walk again. And, on a less profound note, as I do get older, I'm starting to appreciate the idea of not having some certain aches and pains, although I'm sure grateful for the body I do have, and for how well it works. (this pic is of Parker and Uncle Mikey Christmas 2007, Parker's first! Mike was not thrilled about my putting a baby on his lap, since he was afraid of Parker wiggling off, but they both did great!)
I'm also grateful for the promise that we can be together forever as families! (this is one of our FAVORITE pics from our wedding... totally unplanned... it rained three inches that day, and our umbrellas just happened to coordinate!)


Sarah M said...

I hope it rains on my wedding day :)

Carolyn said...

LOVE that last picture!!! Thank you for your Easter thoughts.

Erin Gibbons said...

What a great wedding picture! I thought it was totally planned and what a cute idea. Cool that it just turned out that way.

balloongal said...

Well said.

Simply Suz said...

I took that picture!