Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parker's Babies

So, ever since we told Parker about how I have a baby in my tummy, he's been talking about his babies. At first he had two, then anywhere between twelve and fourteen. It was fourteen for quite awhile: his fourteen babies, with their fourteen beds, and their mommies and daddies. Quite a crowded tummy! He currently has eighteen babies. Whenever he's hungry, he'll tell us "My babies are hungry!" If he enjoys the food, "My babies like this! They think it's yummy!" And, of course "My babies are full." Sometime though, the babies put up a stink: "My babies don't want me to do this! My babies aren't tired!" So funny. He can talk for over ten minutes straight about his babies! They go on all sorts of adventures, and even go to preschool, although not the same one as Parker. They're not always in his tummy either; they move around. They spend a lot of time at the zoo, and looking at the faux animals at the mall. I'll have to sit him down and transcribe some of his fantastic creativity.

Oh, on a side note. We have taken pictures these last few months, and there will be a massive updating of the blog as soon as they're uploaded!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grey day contemplations

I was driving home with Evan after dropping Parker off at preschool, and I was thinking about how the roads in Park City (it's in between Gurnee, where preschool is, and North Chicago, where we live) are, and how cold and grey it was. I was looking at the gas tank, and wondering if I'll have to fill up tomorrow, or if it can hold out until Thomas has to drive on Friday night. I was also stressing about having enough money to fill that gas tank, as well as pay rent and all our other bills. And then I realized, despite all these negative and difficult things--constant nausea and fatigue being top of the list--I was happy. As hard as things are, I know we're in the right place, doing the right things. I felt peace and contentment while driving over potholes, and very grateful for that gift of the Spirit. Things might be rough. I might often be miserable--but I can still feel peace and happiness. I wouldn't change it. Well, maybe sometimes I might wish I could, but we all have our moments!

Visiting Santa

The boys and I went with McKays to Bass Pro Shoppe to visit Santa and get pictures taken with him. There was an ornament decorating activity provided. This is a picture from the two minutes total that Evan sat to color. He was crazy, and wouldn't stop trying to run away and see the big fish and the stuffed animals. Derick was great and helped me chase him though.

Showing off the finished product. Thankfully Parker was well-behaved while I was off chasing Evan. Thank you Michelle :)

Group picture! With Evan trying to squirm away the whole time. He actually did escape while I was taking a quick pic of all the McKay family, but once again Derick saved the day and chased him down.

After the Santa extravaganza, we took a walk in the mall. We went over to Rainforest Cafe and the kids got a kick out of the alligator and other animals outside. The alligator moves and makes scary gater noises. Parker still talks about the mall trip. Maybe we should go again...

After the gator's first roar! Fabulous faces.

Photo shoot ;)

They were having so much fun. I was sitting on a bench feeling nauseated and sorry for myself :)

We stopped by a pet shop on our way back through the mall. The kids loved the puppies.

It's clear by Evan's face how much he loves dogs.

This puppy kept jumping up and licking at Evan's face. He loved it, and couldn't get enough.

I took the boys to Bass Bro Shops with our good friends and their kids. We got to do a little craft while we waited for our turn, but Evan was more interested in running away and looking at the fish. I was very glad to have Derrick there to chase him! The kids had fun though: Evan with the fish, and Parker with everything else.

Evan screamed! He was scared of Santa. And, Parker has his finger in his nose... classic.