Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing in the Park

Evan wasn't having as much fun at first... until he discovered the sticks, and that he could play in the wood chips! Evan also spent a long time playing around the pine tree in the next picture. He loved the pine cones, although he kept calling them apples :) When Parker saw Evan with the pine cones, he said "Holy cow, Mom!" I don't even know where he came up with that! The things they pick up... between the pine cones and new phrases...

Parker was so helpful with Evan, and tried to show Evan where to go, and when Evan was indecisive about the slide, Parker showed him how to go down backwards. It was great.

Parker was chatting away at the park, and at one point even yelled "Mom, I love you!" through the tunnel. It was adorable. The tunnel is at a slant, and so he needed my help from the top so that he could get up without slipping back to the bottom, so he kept saying "I wanna hold your one foot again!" when he wanted a boost. Eventually he mastered the tunnel all by himself, and had a blast doing the big slide by himself too. The funny thing is, we've been going to this park for awhile, and it took Parker a lot of effort to figure out the tunnel. Evan got it after only a few attempts. Crazy monkey! You can see the yellow tunnel in the pic just below...
The highlight for the boys was, of course, the swings. Until they gained mastery and independence of the slides and tunnels that is. But, they do love to swing! It's really hard to get the boys out of the swings though when they're done; they're wedged in so well!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, as Parker was telling me in the parking lot of Costco. He also pointed out every different colored car he found, and told me that he only likes red trucks. He was very excited for the few minutes we drove behind a red pickup. He didn't stop talking the whole trip. Well, as I said, yesterday was a gorgeous day, and today was even better! Tomorrow, however, doesn't have as lovely a forecast, so we needed to go to the park today. I had a meeting this morning, then we had lunch. Then Evan took a nap, but later than I'd planned. As Evan was waking up, Parker fell asleep. I thought our park plans were doomed, but daylight savings time has its advantages and we got a good hour and a half in at the park. The boys had so much fun, and were, of course, adorable!

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balloongal said...

Holy Cow. I am amazed at what phrases kids pick up. Every once in a while I'll hear my 2 year old say, "What the heck?" And he picks up a lot of things from his older sister.