Friday, March 12, 2010

Some of the things the boys teach me every day

1. The shape of food is more important than the flavor
2. Doing it all by myself is more important than getting it done quickly
3. Food tastes better off of Mommy's fork
4. It's very important that Parker and Evan's pajamas and diapers match each other (Parker picks out the diapers and pjs after their baths)
5. Food tastes better dipped in ranch or bbq sauce for Parker, and just plain water in a cup for Evan
6. Promising to share with Evan means more treats for Parker
7. Nap time is fun when it means both boys jumping in the crib
8. Cushions are meant to be off the couch!
9. If Parker takes something from Evan, it's ok as long as he tries to give Evan another toy, right?
10. They love their mommy, and daddy, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and Grandma Nordquist, and Grandpa Nordquist, and baby, and uncle Steve, and Elmo, and Nuks.... anything in lists!
11. The color of the diaper is essential... woe be unto he who places the wrong color diaper on the wrong child!
12. Any time anyone is in the shower or tub, there must be toys thrown into the water. If toys aren't available, clothes will work too.
13. Grandmas are meant to give treats
14. It's ok to hit Parker as long as we're both still laughing, isn't it?
15. The other person's toothbrush always tastes better
16. Parker needs to scootch Evan's chair right next to his in order to eat
17. Silent children mean trouble
18. I want you to color with me usually means, sit and I'll watch you color, and then take the crayons away
19. The ends of crayons taste best when bitten off, erasers too!
20. Helping can be fun, especially stirring things and throwing dishes in the sink
21. If they can reach it, it's fair game, and Mommy is mean for taking it away
22. Clothes don't have to match! Not as long as they're picked out "all by myself!"
23. Mommy's cookies are the best food ever!
24. After bathtime it's scripture time, and then prayer time. "And then you need to teach my about how Jesus loves me!" said Parker... my favorite :)

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