Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures in Baking

My mom had gotten me some cool muffin pans (muffin tops and heart-shaped!) for my birthday, and we had made muffins Sunday afternoon after stake conference while we waited for the rest of our dinner to finish cooking! Thomas had gone home teaching, and I'd run into my room to send my mom a text to come see how the muffins had turned out (she wanted to know, since she'd gotten the pans... and homemade muffin tops are cool!) So, she runs downstairs and I hear her exclaim! Oh no! She then told me to bring the camera. They'd gotten into the 25 lb bucket of flour and were having a blast. Flour got EVERYWHERE, even inside the drawers and the fridge. They were crying because they'd gotten in trouble :*(Notice the footprints in the flour?

The phantom Evan!
Evan's first time licking a beater... don't worry, it's icing: pure sugar and fat, not raw eggs! ;)
Such helpful boys!


Katrina said...

jared and I are laughing out loud at the last pic of him all covered in flour. his face is priceless!

Simply Suz said...

Notice I said BRING THE CAMERA before I told her what had happened, I was laughing so hard I almost started CRYING!