Monday, August 24, 2009

New Haircuts

here are some 'after' pics :)

We were upstairs visiting Grandma and Grandpa the other day, and Grandpa decided that Parker needed a haircut, so he got out the vacuum and his trusty Flowbee and helped Parker turn it on and off to get used to the sound, and then had Parker hold it while cutting some of Grandpa's hair, and then it was Parker's turn! Parker held on to the Flowbee handle the whole time, and was sooo good! His hair was getting pretty shaggy, and I won't say no to a free, mess-free haircut! The next day was Evan's turn. Parker loved helping with that too. So, Parker cut his own and Evan's hair... with help and guidance. :) Don't worry, I got a snip of Evan's hair with the scissors to save for memorabilia :) Pictures will follow... if I can ever get them from my mother!!! Evan's hair looks great though. His hair was past his ears when he was born, and he was just looking a little shaggy recently... it's just so hard to want to cut their hair the first time!!! But, as I expected, he definately looks more blond with all that darker original baby hair gone!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

time with cousin Elder Jung

Parker at the feet of Christ... The visitor's center at Temple Square has a beautiful Christus, and Parker was really sweet as he looked at it. I love how sensitive children are to the Spirit. They can feel the peace and love that come from our Heavenly Father to let us know that He is real, and He loves us.

At the MTC, dropping Elder Jung off at the curb. Evan was asleep in the car. (Don't worry, we were three feet away, and the door was open.) It was such a great experience to spend time with Fritz! We're so proud of him!
So, my cousing Fritz flew in last Monday and reported to the MTC on Wednesday. We had an awesome time spending time with him and enjoying his fire and enthusiasm.

Evan was picking out the books he wanted Fritz, er, Elder Jung, to read to him too!

And, after a long day of playing, the boys are tuckered out! I love pictures of kiddies sleeping.

Field Trip to BYU

Saturday, we decided it would be fun to catch the last day of the Toys in the Attic display at the BYU Museum of Art. We got to campus early, just a little after ten, and I learned that the MOA doesn't open until noon on Saturdays. So, the boys and I wandered around campus finding fun things to do. Parker and I played in the Memorial Garden while Evan slept in the stroller until we got to the JFSB courtyard.

Parker likes to imitate Evan, crawl when he's crawling, babble when he's babbling :)

I love this picture, even thought it came out blurry. Kind of looks cool that way... we'll pretend I did it on purpose :)

Parker thought that the ripples he could make were really neat! Look! I can affect the world around me.

Parker built a tower of blocks taller than he is, all by himself! It fell over as soon as he put that last block on.