Friday, July 31, 2009

Switching to cloth

So, my brother and sister-in-law told me several months ago that they were switching to cloth diapers, and I thought they were absolutely CRAZY! I mean, Thomas and I have terrible memories of our mothers swishing the cloth diapers in the toilet, and looking for the pins to hold them on... I remember we had some cool pins with piggy heads... and the plastic pants that go over them... ick! Yeah, these are not those diapers. These diapers are AMAZING! They're pretty low maintenance, because they wash clean ridiculously well and easily. (I also bought flushable paper liners to catch the poo...) They don't leak, which is nice because I was getting really annoyed with having to clean up leaky poo if I didn't catch a stinky diaper quick enough. They also keep the kids' bums pretty dry, so Evan's redness has totally cleared up. Parker's finally gotten used to them, and loves the colors too. The diapers are also cost effective. We got the bum genious (don't you love the name??) 3.0 one-size... They have adjustable snaps so they fit newborns to toddler size. It's nice to be able to put the boys in whatever diaper I grab first. And, I'll never have to buy diapers again!!! I would definately recommend them to anyone who needs to diaper an infant!

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Katrina said...

SO glad you are liking them!