Sunday, August 2, 2009

Field Trip to BYU

Saturday, we decided it would be fun to catch the last day of the Toys in the Attic display at the BYU Museum of Art. We got to campus early, just a little after ten, and I learned that the MOA doesn't open until noon on Saturdays. So, the boys and I wandered around campus finding fun things to do. Parker and I played in the Memorial Garden while Evan slept in the stroller until we got to the JFSB courtyard.

Parker likes to imitate Evan, crawl when he's crawling, babble when he's babbling :)

I love this picture, even thought it came out blurry. Kind of looks cool that way... we'll pretend I did it on purpose :)

Parker thought that the ripples he could make were really neat! Look! I can affect the world around me.

Parker built a tower of blocks taller than he is, all by himself! It fell over as soon as he put that last block on.

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Jerusha said...

The boys are so cute--love the best buds post--adorable, I love the matching clothes. My girls are too far apart to find matching outfits, so sewing my own dresses is all I have. I love the "binkyboys" sooo cute.