Friday, July 31, 2009

Best buds

Parker and Evan really are best friends. Parker LOVES it when he can sit next to Evan in the shopping cart (I think that's why he likes Costco so much...) and Parker loves the car carts. So, being able to sit next to Evan in a car cart was just excellent!

After a day of running errands, the boys fell asleep in the car (sometimes that's the only reason I run the errands... to get them to sleep!) I love how Parker reached his hand over to touch Evan before he fell asleep. They really do like to be together!
I remember thinking about how we won't always be close to the family and friends that we are now, and that the best thing we could do for Parker would be to give him a sibling close in age. That was about a year and a half ago :) (Evan's nine months old now...) I got to work in Nursery at church on Sunday because one of the workers wasn't going to be able to stay. It was so fun to see Parker in his element. Since I was in nursery, Evan got to stay too. He absolutely loved it. I think this past Sunday was the first time that Evan stayed awake all three hours of church. Parker pretty much ignored me most of the time, that is, after he noticed Evan crawling around playing with toys and told me, confused, "Baby nursery wid Parker?" I answered "yes," and Parker went his own way. It was cute to see how they tended to stay and play in the same area. Best buds.

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Sarah M said...

this is SO cute! makes me wanna have babies close together some day :)