Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Parker v Table

So, Parker had his first official trip to urgent care today. He fell over and hit his chin into his table when he was goofing around while I was feeding Evan and split his chin. It was gross, as face wounds tend to bleed a lot. It was pretty deep, and although I cleaned it and slapped a bandaid and triple antibiotic ointment (it might even have been actual neosporin..) on it, it was still nauseating. I have a hard time with blood, and felt like throwing up every time I looked at Parker's bleeding face. I talked with Thomas and my mom, and the verdict was that if I was concerned, I should take him in. Thankfully he didn't need stitches, and just has a steri-stip holding his little wound closed. Yay for young, quick-healing skin. The cut had closed nicely, and was already starting to seal up really well. The doctor said it looked pretty clean (I'm a good mom!) and so he didn't want to reopen it again to stitch it. The steri-strip will keep it closed, and I just have the challenge of keeping a two-year-old's chin dry for the next 24 hours! Parker was an angel though, and very cooperative, which was great since I was holding a sleeping Evan during the whole experience. The hardest part was getting him to leave the building! But, I bribed him with the promise of a trip to Costco, and that got him moving :)

The funny thing was, we'd spent the early morning at Jump On It, a trampoline and bouncy house place in Lindon.. free for kids three and under :) Nothing like free fun! Well, we did stop for lunch after. Parker loves playing with his best friend, Logan Steele, and I love handing out with his mom, Sarah!

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Jenifer said...

I can't believe how big Parker is getting. You've a cute family.