Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Our family 4th of July pictures. Notice, Thomas was present via webcam.

Parker really wanted to "culloh" (cuddle) Evan. Evan tolerated it.

Parker was deciding to be extremely difficult. You'd think he was two or something!

All Parker wanted to do was talk to his daddy on the "pila" (computer.)
We had a really fun Independence Day weekend. Mike's (my step-dad) kids came up for the weekend, and Parker and Evan really enjoyed having their aunts and uncle to play with and give them extra attention. We woke up early so that we could attend the rotary breakfast and see the hot air balloons. We didn't make it for the balloon launch, no one wanted to be up that early, but we saw plenty in the air. Parker was SO excited about the balloons. It was so cute to watch him try to get his mouth around the pronunciation. It went from "loony" to something pretty much resembling "bloon." He sticks his toungue all the way out to pronounce his "l" sound. Adorable, and tres un-French! We watched the parade after eating a breakfast of ham, pancakes, yogurt, bananas, and juice. Evan especially loved the banana. My mom had brought back the shirts the boys are wearing from the Outlet Mall in NY, and was upset that I let Evan eat banana and Cheerios, because he was sooo dirty by the end of the morning. Parker also spilled juice all over himself, but none of it shows up in the pictures, and it all came out in the wash later. Anyway, Parker really enjoyed the parade, and Evan slept through most of it. Parker liked the horse, the giant balloon floats, and traipsing back and forth between Tanner, Brooke, and Kristi. We also scored free tickets to the Stadium of Fire, which was a blast. The boys fell asleep soon after it started, but Evan woke up for the fireworks, and LOVED them. It was sweet to see his face. We had a loong walk back to the car, and then traffic to drive the mile and a half back home, but the long day was worth it. Yay for our nation.
One of the best parts about the Stadium of Fire was the flag-burning ceremony. Don't worry, it wasn't revolutionary or rebellious, but according to the Flag Code's edict that a flag should be respectfully destroyed by fire when it is no longer in fitting condition to be used as an emblem of our nation. We didn't actually see the flag burning, as it was in its own cool coffer thingy. But, we saw the flames! It was neat to notice how strong the Spirit was during that ceremony. I really am grateful for this nation we live in, and the freedoms we enjoy. All in all, a great day!

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Sarah M said...

I love these pictures! your kids are too dang cute! does parker say many french words?