Monday, September 28, 2009

Parker the helper

Grandpa Mike was picking up apples to feed to the horses (honestly, I'm not sure whose...) and so Parker decided to help! He really is such a sweetheart sometimes!

Another chore that Parker really enjoys is dishes! Notice, he's even wearing an apron, just like Daddy. Please disregard the disgusting volume of dishes in that sink, and remember that we have two children, and no dishwasher!

We are really grateful for Parker's natural desire to help. He's the kind of little boy who doesn't like to get dirty, and will close doors that are accidentally left open, will put the diapers away after they're stuffed, and will tidy up after Evan, singing the "clean up" song from nursery. He'll also arrange his toys in neat little lines... all over the house! He also love to help me bake: measure flour and sugar, and stir. It's good to remember these sweet moments when his alter-ego the terrible two year old hellion takes over :)
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Jenifer said...

I get such a kick out of Parker...I really have to admit that your kids are my favorites (but that's a shhhh, don't tell) ;)