Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Home Evening

Now that Daddy's home, it's much easier to have an official Family Home Evening. We've been reading scriptures and praying after bathtime each evening, but haven't been as good about FHE. But, our family scripture study actually inspired this week's FHE lesson/activity. We'd just finished reading about Lehi's dream (we can only get through about 10 verses a night... slow going, but we still feel the Spirit and have a good time!) so we decided to go outside and draw what we'd read about with sidewalk chalk (thank you again Jeni!) Parker and Evan loved it. They got nice and dirty, but they had fun, and bathtime quickly followed FHE time :)


Carlie said...

looks like a super fun FHE! you gotta love sidewalk chalk for teachign the scriptures!

Jenifer said...

It looks like that chalk is getting put to good use! Glad they are enjoying it (though from those pictures, it looks like the adults might have enjoyed it too!) :)