Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daddy's Home, and Ward Campout

Parker had so much fun following the little trails and kicking his ball along them. At first, he'd just tried to cut straight across the field, and was very pleased to discover that the paths provided an easier route.

Fun with glowsticks!!

Parker really liked the parachute that the ward had rented for the weekend.

Our gorgeous campsite was up in Payson Canyon, in the Nebo mountains. It was last Friday and Saturday... who wouldn't want to go camping two days after getting home from two months away working in North Dakota? Actually, it was a really great weekend for all of us, even though we were all pretty tired Saturday afternoon. The boys ended up falling asleep in our arms at the campfire, and then Evan was up and ready to go at 6:30 Saturday morning. We'd brought the pack'n'play, and he slept in it until about 1:30, when he woke up cold because he'd kicked off all his blankets. Addition one to our queen-size air mattress. Parker woke up around 4 or so, thrilled with his sleeping back, and fell back asleep for another half hour, and then we had addition number two to our bed. So, Evan woke up to find his entire family in the same bed, and was absolutely thrilled. He romped all over all of us until everyone was awake and ready to play.

Parker was helping Daddy collect firewood for the campfire, but just ended up carrying this stick around for the rest of the evening!

Our luxurious tent :) Parker and Evan absolutely loved it. Until Parker realized that we weren't going home Friday night. After eating dinner and playing with the parachute, we changed Evan into his pjs to keep him warm, and changed his diaper, etc. Parker told us he was ready to go "homey-home." We told him that we were going to sleep in the tent that night. He was shocked. It was hilarious. But, he adjusted to the idea and had a fun time anyway!

Yay for air mattresses! I don't care what anyone says... after having had kids, I'm allowed an airmattress when camping! I've done my share of sleeping on the ground :)

Parker and Daddy watching ESPN before bed Wednesday night. Boys and their sports :) Both boys were so happy to have their Daddy home! Evan still follows Thomas around everywhere he goes.


Katrina said...

Thomas does look skinnier! So glad you aren't a single parent anymore!

Erin Gibbons said...

How fun! We've always had to miss ward campouts, (I think the last one was right after or before Calvin was born,) but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Savannah said...

Super cute pictures of you and the kids! I love this photo of Tom and Parker!