Sunday, September 13, 2009

Harvesting Blackberries

Wednesday my mom, Parker, Evan, and I went to a neighbor's (i use the term loosely... she lives a few blocks away...) house to pick some blackberries. My mom had picked some prickly pear cactus fruit, and then juiced it to make jelly. Unfortunately, the stuff, although healthy for you, doesn't taste so yummy; it's pretty bland!! So, my mom needed to find something to mix with it to optimize flavor while preserving the health benefits. A sister in our ward offered her blackberries. So, 9 am (it ended up being closer to 9:15) on Wednesday we all headed over to pick the berries, we stayed for about an hour, picked around three gallons of berries, and Mom got to make her Desert Jam.
Parker had a lot of fun finding the black berries, not the red ones, and putting them in his bucket. He did get pretty perturbed about the juice that stained his hands though. He does not like getting dirty!

Here he is. "Parker all dirty! Parker needs water!" He eventually bugged us about his dirty yucky hands until we left, and could not have been happier to have his hands washed!

Evan had a lot of fun trying to grab some berries too. He suceeded, without my knowledge, and got blackberry juice all over his face, and my shirt.


Jenifer said...

I would love to get your mom's recipe for prickly pear jam! My parents have an abundance of the things, and I'd like to try that particular task. BTW, I can't help but chuckle that Parker hates to get dirty...a bit unusual for little boys. :)

Savannah said...

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