Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mini Pizzas
I'm not doing as much cooking right now, but still prefer homemade pizza to store bought, and even delivery sometimes. I wanted to have something nice for Thomas when he came home from whatever he was doing. I decided to make pizzas in our muffin top pan... it made the PERFECT little pizzas. Parker was so excited about his circle pizza. Serving was easy, and cleanup even more so.
I had some dough leftover after filling the one muffin pan, so decided to try the heart-shaped muffin tins. These turned out even better than the circles: they were mini deep-dish pizzas. Totally my favorite. Thomas was so excited about the heart-shaped pizzas. We were going to have them for Valentine's day, but ended up having leftovers and mac and cheese instead. This pregnancy nausea isn't much fun, and isn't very conducive towards creativity and festivity!!
Ice Skating

Thomas' school had an activity the end of January (so not really February, sorry!) where they went ice skating. The college was trying to have more family friendly activities, instead of the usual going to bars and calling it a social function. I didn't go, preferring not to share my nausea and misery with anyone else. Thomas said he could handle the boys himself. Thankfully he has lots of friendly and helpful classmates :)
Evidently Evan spent most of the evening adjusting his crash helmet--which was unnecessary, thankfully!

The boys didn't have as much fun as Thomas was hoping, although they had a good time, and slept really well that night, but they had a lot of fun watching from the bleachers. Thomas kept them out just a little later so the boys could watch the Zamboni. Who doesn't love watching that? Evidently it proved the highlight of the evening, and Evan dubbed it a "Mack" on ice. The boys are big Cars fans. All trucks, or vehicles resembling trucks, are "Mack."

Pillow Fights!

The boys have taken to "pillow fights" lately. This one happened on a Sunday evening, and so Thomas had a chance to observe and snap some pics. Evan had actually brought a pillow to Parker, asking for pillow fights. They'll hold the pillows in front of them, and bump into each other until one of them falls down. Then, the "victor" helps the defeated brother get up. They love it, and I've tried to establish rules that minimize how much they can get hurt.

Blizzard '11

Thomas was an angel and took Evan out with him to shovel out the car and the sidewalk in front of our apartment. Thankfully someone (probably the management) had propped the door open so they could get out. There was SO MUCH snow outside, about eighteen inches. Evan loved being outside; Parker didn't go because he didn't want to be cold. So practical :)

Evan claimed possession of Thomas' small emergency shovel, and couldn't get enough of shoveling. Thomas ended up helping shovel out nine other cars later that afternoon, eleven total. Evan felt the intense responsibility to "help" with all of them, and was extremely upset when I took him inside because his little cheeks, nose, and wrists were red from cold. He just wanted to stay and "shubel!"

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Michelle M said...

We went to the Ice Skating activity last year. Derrick and I were surprised that our kids didn't enjoy it more, too. They just liked wandering around the arcade games instead.