Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas: prep and Ward Party

We put up our two little Christmas trees, but I only put lights and ornaments on one of them, and then I promptly put that tree high, out of Evan's reach. I left the other tree on the floor, and took care of something else. When I came back to the living room, I discovered that Parker had taken the hockey shoelace that had held the tree box closed and wrapped it around the tree like a garland. He'd then hung whatever toys and random objects he could on the tree. He continued placing random toys on the tree for the next few days. Evan was pretty upset when Parker hung his pacifiers on the tree, and then Parker was upset at Evan for removing the pacifiers, but they got over it.

Our ward Christmas party was a lot of fun (and the homemade wheat rolls and cream corn pudding I brought were totally devoured), but Evan was still afraid of the Santa Claus!

Thomas took so many pictures of Evan with the microphone... I only chose a few

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