Saturday, February 12, 2011

Domestic... Joys

Ear Infections:
I never had an ear infection growing up, and neither had Parker or Evan. Then one night, Parker wakes up in the middle of the night crying about his ear hurting. He still complains the next day, we borrow an otoscope from friends (Thomas doesn't have the cap for small ears yet) and decide to take Parker in. As soon as Parker hears that we're taking him to the doctor, he tells us his ear is fine. He'd been reticent of seeing doctors ever since he got his cast off, because he found that procedure... uncomfortable. The doctor is really nice though, and Parker couldn't get enough of how "he talks funny!" because of his Indian accent. The doctor looks in Parker's ear, and Parker cheerfully says, "No, it's the other one that really hurts!" It WAS still hurting! Silly boy. Doctor took one look in the other ear, and said "Yep. That's a pretty bad one!" Antibiotics, and a much more cheerful little Parker. But, the cold that led to ear infections was contagious. Evan was really congested, not getting better, and super crabby. Took him in (after peeking and seeing his red ears) and found a double ear infection. Yay for antibiotics. Unfortunately, after several days on the drugs, the kiddo broke out in a crazy rash. Thomas took him in to the doctor (by then I was feeling SUPER sick from the pregnancy, and so wasn't doing much.) And Evan was off the meds. Evidently it doesn't mean he's allergic???
Poor little guy's rash was all over. He was actually pretty cheerful the whole time, Thomas just snapped these pics while he was playing with a wrapping paper tube, watching a movie.

Random Play:

I actually have no idea what those pictures are from, or from when... besides around Christmas time...

The boys absolutely LOVE to play with laundry baskets, and their big plastic tote that their toys live in... they like to trap each other underneath too...

you can see Evan's little face peeping out... and Buzz Lightyear, of course!

Evan's table dance....

Evan has a tendency to relate food and sleep... He falls asleep eating pretty often, and takes his last few bits while asleep...

The boys love Daddy's computer

Household Chores:
Evan LOVES the vacuum. Especially the attachments. Thomas decided to just take the hose off so that Evan could "help" without getting in the way. Kiddo could not have been happier.

When Thomas had finished the big stuff, he let Evan suck up some of the crumbs he made. Thomas and Evan both enjoy having Evan clean up his own messes!

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