Sunday, December 5, 2010

Notable Quotable Parker

"Evan, please stop, 'cause it makes me sad when you do that!"

Parker upon waking and seeing the sunlight pouring through the window, "No! I don't want it to be day!"

Me: "Okay, we need to get ready to go. Parker, you need socks and shoes, then you'll be ready."
Parker: "Evan's not ready."
Me: "That's right. He needs pants and a shirt, and then shoes and socks too, then we'll all be ready."
Parker: "No, you're not ready."
Me: "I'm not?"
Parker: "No! I don't like those pants. You need to change your pants!"


Michelle M said...

He says many more amusing things! I'm often trying to remember and record cute things my kids have said, but the comments always escape me when I get around to it. I wish we could write down every funny thing in the moment, but mothers rarely find time for any of that!

Erin Gibbons said...

So funny! How old are they now? I can't remember when they were born...I can't believe Parker has an opinion on your pants!

Simply Suz said...

I always said Parker is everything you deserve.......