Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Enjoying the Last of the Warm Weather

Today it snowed. I bundled up Parker in his snow pants, snow boots, and coat, and sent him off to preschool. He had his hat and his mittens in his cubby, and I sent an extra pair of shoes for him to change out of after recess. Yeah, so the kids didn't go outside today, and the teachers never took Parker's snow pants off him. Poor kid! They did switch his shoes though... Oh well. He didn't complain, and now we know that if its less than 30 degrees out, the kids stay in. But, the following are pictures from enjoying outside... before today's snowfall!

This pic is actually from earlier this fall, when Evan got to stay with Parker through recess at preschool. I had a visiting teaching appointment, and our friend Michelle was doing a fantastic dancing activity with the kids, so she kept the little ones with her. I'm so glad she snapped this picture! I love seeing the boys play together, and seeing how they get along. I'm so grateful they get along!

During Thomas' break, we decided to take the kids to the park for a lunchtime picnic. Parker was still having a really hard time on the playground, so he only used the swing. We actually took him to preschool an hour late, after the outside recess, because he was miserable watching the other kids play without being able to participate himself. We got his cast off the 22 of November, and he spent the next week crawling. He's walking now though, and as soon as its warm enough outside, he'll be able to go back to recess!

I was trying to show the boys how to pump their legs, saying "in, out, in out!" Evan had fun repeating me, but had no clue what I was talking about!

I love the expression on Parker's face in this picture.

Evan was running right here, as he would come down from an upswing, he'd move his legs like he was running in the air. It was hard to capture on film, but it was adorable.

Evan was loving the slide, and all the attention his daddy was giving him.

Evan and Thomas are both pointing up at an airplane, "un avion!"

The boys love it when we lift up the swing as high as we can and "drop" them.

You can't help but love this kid's hair!
How artistic is this?

I couldn't pick just one of these pics...

Evan was begging Thomas to pick him up and put him on the dinosaur's nose (the stairs up the side of the play equipment was like a dinosaur. "Monte! Up! Nose! Pease!"

Too adorable. He was actually holding on and kicking the slide to make as much noise as possible.

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Michelle M said...

Your pictures at the park with the boys are all ADORABLE! Evan's static hair- GREAT!