Monday, November 22, 2010


We had a Halloween party at a friend's house, that we ended up missing most of. I had to pick up another friend from the hospital, which took longer than planned. Thomas ended up taking the kids over to the party while I waited outside recovery. Thomas picked up his costume, hockey gear, from the storage unit, and we grabbed half of Evan's costume, but didn't have a chance to change Parker into his. I'd wiped my undead makeup off because, well, I was in a hospital, and it wasn't Halloween yet! You gotta love how cowboy Evan is on his horse... with a toy vacuum! He loves vacuums, toy and real!

Parker's preschool had a Halloween activity the Thursday before Halloween, and so we took the boys. We were going to have Evan be a firefighter, and Parker be a cowboy, but then Parker decided he wanted to be the firefighter. So, Evan's costume turned out great: I made covers for his boots, and a belt buckle. Unfortunately, the firefighter hat for Parker was still packed up in a tote, and so his costume was incomplete. We dressed him up as a pirate for the ward Halloween party, and pushed him around in an umbrella stroller. We had Evan the cowboy push Parker the broken-legged pirate across the stage, and they won the "funniest costume" award. Despite the costume malfunction on Thursday, we still had fun. It was still too soon after Parker had broken his leg for him to get around well, and he was still crawling, so it was a little difficult, but worth it!

Evan on the hayride. What a face! He loved the tractor pulling the wagon. Unfortunately, he and Thomas missed the ride because the little guy needed a fresh diaper.

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