Monday, November 22, 2010

Goofing Around

Evan and Parker both love talking on the phone: to each other, to us, to Grandma, or to no one at all!
The boys also love rough-housing, and climbing, and tumbling. One of their favorite jungle gyms is, well, Mommy! You can see that Parker wasn't letting his cast get in the way of his playtime! You can also see that Evan prefers to be without clothes. He won't sleep in pajamas. He'll let us put them on him after his bath, but he takes them off before he falls asleep. Whenever we're home, he's usually running around just in his diaper. Silly boy, but it saves on laundry!
I don't know why kids enjoy being upside down so much.
Notice, Evan has Buzz in his hands? Doesn't put him down!
And, both at once of course! Taking turns got too difficult for the kiddos!

And, after a long day of playing, Evan falls asleep watching Toy Story.
I thought the lighting of this picture was cool...

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Michelle M said...

Wow! You've been busy blogging!!

I love the pictures of Evan sprawled out in front of the TV, watching Toy Story no less.