Sunday, November 21, 2010

Evan's Birthday! Two years old!

On October 15, Evan turned two, and was terrible most of the day! But, he was still adorable, and we had a great evening eating his favorite foods, and opening presents. It was our first birthday party without family close, but we had a lot of fun with an intimate family party. He absolutely LOVES Toy Story, and his favorite toys from his birthday were definitely the Toy Story ones!
We let Evan open one present before dinner. Our friends gave Evan a Buzz Lightyear toy, and Evan hasn't put it down for very long since he got it! He even sleeps with it most nights!

Evan was distressed that he couldn't get the toy out of the plastic.
Ah, the joy of new toys!
Buzz ate dinner with us. We had Evan's favorites: corn on the cob, canned green beans, and hot dogs! He ate really well that night too.

And the cake... Evan was so excited to come with me when we picked up his birthday cake, and now calls all cake "birday!" He's actually been talking a lot more lately, even putting together little sentences. One of his first efforts to actually communicate instead of just saying words was to tell me: "Mommy, Parker take toys!"
We had a tradition growing up that we've instituted now. No one is allowed to eat cake until the birthday person has taken a bite. Parker was so impatient for Evan to take a bite, but was so good.

Evan was more excited about the Toy Story wrapping paper than his gifts at first!
Grandma and Grandpa Nordquist sent Evan's presents in boxes, and the boys were just as excited about the boxes as anything else! They were just playing with their hamburger boxes today, actually, over a month later.

I love how kids have to play with their toys right away upon opening them. Grandma Nordquist always sends the best gifts, and always something educational!
Tupperware! A Cars sippy cup, and sandwich container. Thomas has enjoyed bringing sandwiches to school in it :)

You can see Evan's lips pursed, ready to say "Buzz!" in excitement about his Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt. The boys are also wearing the matching shirts I couldn't resist getting them. We also got one for one of our good friends.

Toy Story toys and the balloons from the birthday cake. We love hearing Evan say "Bullseye!" and all the other characters' names. I just wish the little ones weren't so easy to misplace! The boys love them though.

Here he was actually touching Buzz and Woody together and saying "mwah!"

Of course, Parker was just as excited about the toys as Parker was!

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Amy said...

So cute. What a fun family birthday party!