Friday, April 9, 2010

Weenie Roast

Thomas met me and the boys at the MTC on Wednesday to volunteer in the French TRC, and then he ended up beating me home. Instead of starting what we'd planned on for dinner, he decided to clean up some of the dead wood in our yard. That worked out fantastically, since we had hot dogs in the fridge, and the make shift fire pit in the yard! So, Thomas and the boys played outside while I made some pasta salad (from a box unfortunately...), homemade fresh ground whole wheat hot dog buns, and a yummy salad. The boys LOVED it!
Evan loves fires... a little too much... Thomas had the hardest time getting it started, because it had snowed earlier in the week, and because Evan kept poking the kindling with a bigger stick
Parker had fun too... He came inside after and said, "That was fun eating something outside!"
Of course Grandpa joined us, and showed us up by making a tin foil dinner. But we'd eaten, cleaned up, and put the kids in bed by the time his dinner was done...
Thomas cooking the hot dogs. I love the fact that he's in his dress shirt and pants... I don't think he even came inside before getting started!
The now-famous hot dog buns. Now I know that we never have to buy buns again... Give me 40 minutes, and I'll give you healthier, yummier hot dog buns! I'll just have to remember next time that the dough will just about double in size... so the buns need to start out smaller :)


Jenifer said...

I'd love to get your hot dog bun recipe! It's so difficult finding whole wheat hotdog buns, and the white ones are just not even worth eating. :)

Amy said...

I'd love the hot dog bun recipe too, if you're willing to share. :)

balloongal said...

I love being able to make homemade hot dog and hamburger buns. I use a different recipe, but a tip I learned (I wouldn't be surprised if it worked with your recipe, too) is to make the buns about the size of your hot dog (or hamburger), then they will raise to the right size.