Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I managed to get the boys asleep by 8 last night, and Evan in his bed a little after that (he has a nasty cough which has been keeping him up at night, and requiring that Mommy or Daddy hold him so that he can breathe to sleep. Needless to say, I've been tired lately.) So, last night I propped him up on the couch with pillows after he fell asleep, and left him until his coughing abated, then put him in his bed just before 9, and then, here's the kicker, I went to bed myself! I actually got a full night's sleep... and it's amazing the difference it has made!

I did the dishes... not just once, but after every meal, and cleaned the kitchen floor, picked up toys, ran errands (we had no bread, then I found the last few slices of the last loaf, and made some homemade croutons out of them) I had some whole wheat flour left over from when I'd made calzones, and so I made some whole-wheat tortillas (Poor Thomas hasn't really had anything to eat for his lunches lately, so has been eating out of cans) and then made my famous pork-fried rice for dinner! Fantastic! I also noticed that I didn't have any desire to just sit and watch TV, which happens when I'm too tired. I'm gonna try this sleeping thing more often!
These are just some random pictures of the boys playing, and coloring. They LOVE to color. Evan's kind of funny because you can see the struggle he undergoes: to color, or to put the crayon in his mouth. Eventually the mouth wins, and coloring time is over.

Our happy little monkey. We did eventually open the walker back up, and he likes to climb in and out of it.

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