Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Monday after Christmas, we decided to go up to Temple Square in Salt Lake to see the lights for our Family Home Evening activity. We took my youngest two step-siblings, Brooke and Tanner, with us. Since the truck was the only vehicle that would seat all of us, and we knew it would be impossible to park in Salt Lake, we drove up to Sandy, and then took the Trax the rest of the way. Parker thought it was great, and talked for days after about riding the train and seeing the lights. Thomas took this picture of the temple which turned out really neat. The mist is actually the condensation of his breath in the cold air... but it looks cool! He actually held his breath for the other pics he took :)
The boys were exhausted after their trip in truck and train, and crashed on the floor of the living room while we went to get them pajamas and clean diapers.
All tuckered out in the car... I mean truck.
Parker and Brooke listening to her i-pod on the train. Parker was wearing Daddy's hat at that point in time. I love his sweater... we got Parker and Evan matching sweaters for Christmas back in October, and I've been so impatient to have them wear them!!
All of us in front of the temple. I love how friendly people are; we just stopped some random people and asked them to take our picture. Back row: Tanner, Theresa, Brooke, front, Evan and Parker in the stroller, then Daddy next to them.
Tanner and Brooke, with a great angle of the lights and the temple in the background. Thomas spent several minutes trying to get the angle just right to capture our experience a little bit.
Another of Thomas' spectacular shots. The lights all around the temple are beautiful, but I love how the temple itself is so majestic and outshines all of the lights with its majesty and brilliance. It doesn't need the lights or any accessories to add to its beauty. It's the Lord's house, and that feeling is obvious when you are near it. The lights are pretty, and a wonderful celebration of the Savior's birth, but the temple is the true and best monument to the Savior's life and purpose. How grateful I am to a loving Heavenly Father who has created such a beautiful plan of redemption for us, and allowed us to know all about it.
Parker and Evan loved seeing the Christus, but were also interested in the cute little girl who was also there!
Evan learned a new word that night! After seeing the Cristus and all of the paintings of the Savior, Evan learned to say "Jesus." Now he loves looking at pictures of the Savior and pointing out Jesus.
The boys in the stroller with Uncle Tanner. He was so helpful with them! It was COLD! That's why they are all bundled up with gloves, hats, scarves, and blankets! They didn't complain about being cold, so I think they were ok. Parker loved the lights. He kept pointing to them, and talking about everything he saw. So fun.
Trax on the way up. I think we spent more time traveling to and from Temple Square than we actually spent there!


Katrina said...

love the pic of the temple and reflection pool. well done, thomas!

Erin Gibbons said...

The picture of the Christus and the three children in front looks like the Savior is looking at them and saying "Behold My little Ones." It's so pretty! And you look great in the last picture.