Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

Parker getting the plate of cookies ready for Santa. He thought it was pretty neat how Santa ate some bites out of the cookies!
Evan scratched a scab off his nose Christmas Eve night after his bath, and so he has that lovely Elmo bandaid across his nose in all of our pics. Notice, he's eating the cookie that Parker and Brooke decorated for him... Parker insisted that Brooke write "Baby" and not "Evan" on the cookie.
The boys were checking their stockings every few minutes after Parker hung them up.
Voila the fantastic stocking that Thomas, yes Thomas, made. He did such a great job!
Aunt Brooke and Parker decorated cookies for Santa... and the rest of us... to enjoy!
"P" for Parker. Parker had Brooke do a cookie for just about everyone.

We had a fun Christmas Eve. I think Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday. Probably because we focus more on the Savior during Christmas Eve than we do on Christmas. We had fun making cookies, and playing with Mike's kids. After the boys' bath, we had everyone come downstairs, and we read the Christmas story from Helaman 15, Samuel's prophecies about Christ's birth, 3 Nephi 1, and of course Luke 2. It brought such a sweet Spirit to read the prophecies and events surrounding our Savior's birth. We had family prayer, and then read "The Night Before Christmas" and hung up the stockings and put the boys in bed!

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