Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is Parker trick-or-treating last year... his first time. He went as Mario, and Thomas was "Joe the Plumber." Evan was two weeks old, so we just hung out at Thomas' Uncle's house :)
And, this year! Parker was a prince, Evan a dragon, and Daddy and Mommy were the king and queen. It was actually the first time I'd ever been trick-or-treating in my life! We had a really fun Halloween. There was a ward Halloween Party on Wednesday (pictures pending.) Thomas and the Priests quorum put together a fun "spook alley" for that. The boys had fun with some of the games the youth had set up. Evan's favorite was "pumpkin rolling." He kept chasing everyone's pumpkins. :) On Saturday, Halloween itself, we had a very fun dinner with Thomas' siblings and their spouses at his brother Jonathan's place. Amanda (Jon's wife) made a great "Mummy meatloaf" that she wrapped in lasagna noodles to add the mummy effect, and Carlie (Thomas' sister) made "hairballs" from sprouts and avocado, served with "saliva (italian) dressing" so fun. Then the trick-or-treating. It was so fun to be able to trick-or-treat in an LDS neighborhood. It's probably one of the only chances like this that we'll have! We spent about an hour, and just stopped by people's houses in our ward. It was nice to find out where people lived, and to visit a little bit.

Afterwards Parker spent forever sorting his candy, and counting the handfuls as he put it back in his Elmo bucket. Oh--Evan absolutely loves that bucket. He added "Elmo" to his ever-growing vocabulary! And, how he says "Ehm-oh" makes Parker crack up laughing. Silly boys.

I liked this picture of the boys just sitting and chilling on the couch.

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Erin Gibbons said...

I understand about the being sick, Calvin and I were sick for the entire month of October and many days I just slept on the couch for hours. I hated not having any energy! We're a lot better now, although I got yet one more cold! It sounds like we had the same idea for Halloween...Shea was a knight, I was a princess and Calvin was a fire-breathing-dragon. How funny! Hope you all are doing better and can enjoy the holidays! We're going to NY for Thanksgiving, can't wait. I'll say hello to it for you ;)