Wednesday, November 18, 2009

College Game Day

Since this is a family blog, and not just a place for me to show off how cute my kids are :) I thought I should add a quick entry about ESPN's College Game Day coming to Provo. Thomas' cousin Derrick came and spent the night over here on Friday (we enlisted him for babysitting, of course) and then he and Thomas headed out ridiculously early in the morning for the stadium and College Game Day, after having stayed up to make a fantastic poster, of course :)

This picture of Parker was taken by someone sitting behind us. I don't remember which game it was, but it shows our little cougar fan! He loves saying "YUB Cougars!" So, still a little backwards, but a profound question nonetheless :)

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Jenifer said...

I love the pics of your cute kids. Don't stop! :) BTW, you should be getting a package from me in the next week or so. :)