Friday, September 21, 2012


You know why there haven't been any more blog posts all summer? Because we've been BUSY! So busy! The boys had swim lessons over the summer, and we were at the beach at least once a week. Playdates, parks, picnics... We had an amazing, busy, super-fun summer.

And now we're in school! Parker's LOVING kindergarten, and Evan adores his preschool teacher, and is already learning so much!

It's amazing to me how Primary in church and preschool both work so well together to help children. I think it's because we need that balance of both secular and spiritual learning. I noticed with Parker, he had a hard time sitting and focusing during circle time at preschool, until he started Sunbeams in Primary, and sat in a class at church too. Evan, after his first week of preschool, showed an improved capacity to sit still during Singing and Sharing Time during Primary at church on Sunday. I think that should tell us something! There's no point in learning anything without the Spirit, but to ignore all else but religious education isn't helpful either. When we can show discipline in all the aspects of our lives, it strengthens us in the others. Maybe. It's just a thought.

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