Friday, May 25, 2012

Parker's Birthday

Cuddle brothers! Evan was so excited all day, I think he thought it was HIS birthday as well as Parker's!    
 One of Parker's favorite things is to go out to eat, and he LOVES Applebees! So, we inflicted the family restaurant with our motley crew! The kids had a blast. Who doesn't love menus you can color, and juiceboxes?

 Madeleine loved drinking from my straw. I think she went through 3 or 4 straws, since she'd snatch them from my fingers and crumple them. She behaved surprisingly well!
 Evan's photo shoot: Evan decided to take pics of the family, so he took this one of Parker and Thomas, and then the one of me. The others he took were mostly of his fingers, and ketcup bottles.

 Parker insisted that we take a picture of the take-home he would remember the experience.
 Sundae's to share! Parker was so sweet about his birthday, and wanted to make sure there was enough of everything to share with Evan.

I'd post pics of present-opening that we did Friday night, but Thomas only took video... But, we came home from dinner, opened presents, then sent the kiddos to bed!

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