Sunday, September 18, 2011

cute things about parker

although sometimes the cute new things Evan's learning seem to take precedence... that or the terrible mischief he gets into! (he hid in the pantry last night and dumped out half a can of gatorade before we found him, then left orange footprints on the carpet) Parker's been doing some great things too

he's super observant: he knows my medicine tastes gross...I've never said anything, but he's seen me grimace when I have to bite it in half

he sings a new song "heavenly father sent me to you" repeated to the tune of happy birthday
his favorite time to ask if we're glad heavenly father sent him to us is when we're wiping his bum

he loves to pray, and be grateful for everything

he loves helping us cook and prepare food... and LOVES oatmeal!

he loves learning... anything. tell him you want to teach him something, and he's eager as can be!

he doesn't like change!
the night before his birthday, he told me he was concerned about turning four: "I don't want to be four. I like being three!" I told him it would be ok, and he would have a lot of fun being four. He accepted it, and has just decided that he'll stay four forever. I told him we'd try it out for a year, then see
we had to tell him a few months in advance that we'll be moving to help him accept it... it helps that he's seen the place

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