Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up... Since Christmas!

Christmas Eve... opening one present each

Well, Parker opened a present, but Evan was too tuckered out to open one. He missed hanging up the stockings too!

Christmas Day

We forgot to get a pic of the tree BEFORE opening presents...
Yeah, Evan didn't keep his clothes on long... as soon as he opened the gloves, he had to have them on! He LOVES wearing gloves or mittens on his hands. If he doesn't have them available, he'll wear socks on his hands!

Grandma and Grandpa sent us a Flowbee for Christmas... one of the BEST presents we got :) It's absolutely fabulous for cutting little boys' (and big boys) hair. It attaches to the vacuum, which sucks the hair up in towards the blades. So, you can't cut yourself, and it doesn't make a mess! So much easier than clippers!

Parker cutting his hair "himself" He'll actually ask for me to Flowbee his hair when he feels like it's getting too long... and it was getting too long!

Sick days
The two weeks Thomas was on Christmas break were probably some of the worst weeks of my life! Although I didn't need to be on bedrest anymore, I didn't have a chance to see my OB-GYN until halfway through January, and he wouldn't renew my prescription for zofran until after I saw him. I needed to ration those nasty little pills for Sundays, Christmas, and after break when I needed to take Parker to school again. When I wasn't on the meds, I was throwing up...everything. I honestly don't remember much of break besides the bucket!

The boys eating pickles and popcorn (whose the pregnant one?) while cuddling with Mommy. Parker said that his cuddling me would make me feel better... and it did, at least emotionally!
One of the highlights of Christmas break for the boys was turtle-sitting. Some of Thomas' fellow classmates, who have also become friends, asked us back in September or October if we'd be willing to watch their turtle over Christmas break. Since we weren't going anywhere, we agreed. The boys loved him! His name is Trousers, and now their turtle bath toy is also named Trousers. We ended up having to move his tank up on top of the entertainment center, out of reach, because when it was accessible on the table, Evan tried to feed Trousers popcorn, Kix, and whatever else he could get his hands on.

Thomas was kind of going crazy by the end of break, because he had to lift the kids up to see Trousers, and they always wanted to see him. I didn't mind too much because I was on doctor's orders not to pick up the kiddos or do any heavy lifting.

Family Pic!

Random Mischief
This picture of Evan turned out blurry... but you can still get the gist of it. He'd gotten into my mascara and eyeliner, and had done his own makeup. He knew it belonged around his eyes! I didn't let Thomas try and get a better shot because we snatched the kiddo up and cleaned him off!
Parker LOVES learning, and has been learning how to put words together. The kids enjoy playing with their tub letters putting words together. Usually Parker puts them up and Evan pulls them down. Parker's actually come along way since December now, and can put together a few simple words. We're so proud of him :) He talks all the time about how he loves learning, and tells us new things he learns in Primary or at preschool.

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