Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forgotten Provo Pics

I came upon these pictures that I'd forgotten to post, and felt that they deserved to be posted, shared, and remembered.

I love this picture of Evan: look of concentration, bumgenius diaper showing, trying to put the keys in the ignition, attempting to drive Daddy's truck.

It's hard to get Evan to sit and eat. He'll eat for a little while, and then get down. One day he snuck back to the table after lunch and grabbed the dish of green beans and the serving spoon, and finished his lunch in the comfort of the living room, where the boys had spread out all of their toys :)
The BYU newspaper printed coupons for McDonalds' new All-Fruit smoothies. Who can resist a free smoothie? Thomas visited the newspaper stands, and the recycling bins near the stands, and got a stack of over twenty newspapers with the coupons. We spent a few minutes clipping coupons, and the next few weeks enjoying smoothies. Evan especially loved them!

This is a classic brotherly love picture. Evan has a scratch on his back from who knows what, but if you look closely above it, you can see Parker's hand print on Evan's back. Parker had slapped him, and then Evan came running to us crying. I don't think Parker hit Evan all that hard, but the boys have our sensitive skin, where any contact shows up. Parker still got a time out though, and the incident hasn't been repeated! They still fight... but no more slapping!


balloongal said...

Mmmmmm, all fruit smoothies. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. It's fun to see these pictures from "the past."

Michelle M said...

I love that you guys gathered as many of the free smoothie coupons as you could- I would do the EXACT SAME THING for a good deal! Ha ha.