Monday, July 12, 2010

4th Anniversary

Four years ago today Thomas and I were married and sealed in the Palmyra, NY temple. What a blessing! He's actually at scout camp this week, but even had I known four years ago that I would spend today cleaning up after two busy boys, doing dishes, laundry, house cleaning, and then enjoy Costco hot dogs for dinner, I would have had no qualms. No regrets. I'm so grateful to be married to the best man I know. And, he's a great father to boot! I love how dedicated he is to all of his commitments: to the Lord, to me, to our children, and to his church callings. That's why he's at scout camp! He's a fantastic man who honors his priesthood, and who loves me more than I'd imagined possible.

Our family at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple after a sealing session: Thomas' cousin and two gorgeous adopted little girls :) The boys loved being at the temple.
You've got to love how Evan's squirming down, and Parker has lost his shoes. ::sigh::

And, four years ago...

This is my favorite wedding picture. It rained three inches on our wedding day... but it was fantastic! I love this pic because it wasn't posed.... He's so cute!

And, leading up to four years ago:

The mission:
I still think it's amazing that Thomas waited for me on my mission! He wrote me so faithfully, and was an answer to my prayers so many times during my mission. I understand what Elder Groberg meant when he said at a devotional in the MTC that he felt sorry for anyone who didn't have someone waiting at home, supporting, loving, and strengthening. I honestly didn't believe that Thomas would still be available when I got home from my mission: it seemed to good to be true! But, he was, and he is!

(My first investigator and baptism, Antonia. Such a sweetheart!)

The sparks of romance...before the mission...

Yeah... his "first" proposal. I was helping his FHE group out with a picture scavenger hunt. I went out of my way to help him out, and still, he didn't get that I was interested... but, hey, it all worked out! For the best :)
This one totally looks like an engagement pic, right? It's from August 2004. I kept a copy of this picture in my white handbook on my mission... always close at hand, and to heart. We've only been married for four years, but we've loved each other so much longer than that! Thomas has been, and is, such a blessing in my life. He is one of the tender mercies of the Lord, and I hope that someday I'll deserve him!


Sarah M said...

What a fabulous blog post!! I love it!! I love you!! I especially love that picture of you reading the Book of Mormon on your mission.... I'm pretty sure I took that picture since I have one of me doing the same thing :)

Aye Spy said...

My most prominent memory with you and Thomas was when he asked you out to Nutty Putty caves and you didn't wake up in time. Thomas woke me up knocking on our door, but you'd locked your bedroom door and I knocked on it for a very long time to try and wake you up, to no avail. You told me later that the sounds of my knocking got incorporated into your dream. :)

Jenifer said...

I still remember how excited Thomas would get when he'd get one of your letters while you were on your mission. When we'd talk, I hear a lot about what was going on with your mission and life and how much he was gone on you even before you left. I totally felt like I knew you before I ever met you. I'm so glad you both found such a wonderful mate in each other.

Allen Family said...

So this is the only place I found to comment. I love keeping posted on what you are doing and I wish you guys the best as you move on this fall. Je suis tellement impressionée que vous enseignez déjà le français aux enfants. Il faut que je le fasse aussi! Merci! Et bon courage!