Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graduation: April 2010

Notice the "Y" on the mountain in the background? Thomas was really excited the picture worked out that way :) So, I reapplied to BYU back in January to go back for Spring Term and finish all my classes--since Thomas would be done, he'd be able to stay with the kids so that I could finish my three classes. There ended up being a huge hassle with my ecclesiastical endorsement. I'd had the necessary interview with my Bishop, and got the form in on time--Thomas hand delivered it--but it ended up being the wrong form for readmission (although it ended up that I DID need that one to apply for graduation). I wasn't able to meet with the Stake Presidency until after the application deadline, but called and talked with the admissions office, and they said that as long as I explained my situation, I'd be fine. I sent an email explaining everything, and did get readmitted, but for Winter 2011--not acceptable! I sent an email to the head of admissions himself, got a phone call the next day, and was readmitted for Spring. Being an English major paid off in that situation: it was a very well written email! The fantastic Humanities advisor got me all set to walk early (Thomas, his brother Jonathan, his wife, Amanda, and Thomas' brother-in-law Robby were all walking in April too....) and helped me choose better classes than the ones I was trying for. I took a full load in Spring, and LOVED it!
Thomas and Evan before everything started. The boys got to sit with both sets of grandparents! Parker eventually fell asleep--after his Grandpa Nordquist walked him ALL THE WAY around the Marriott Center.

Thomas, Theresa, Amanda, Jonathan and Robby.

You can see Evan "waving" on Mike's lap, Parker on my Mom's lap, and Thomas' dad further down... We sat just below them (well, several several rows down...) in the Marriott Center
We were lucky enough to be in colleges that they placed together, so we got to sit together the whole time. I will confess, sitting by Amanda was WAY more fun than graduation's supposed to be--but, we did pay attention too! I never would have walked had everyone else not been walking. But, a fantastic sister in the Relief Society Presidency of my ward talked about how important it would be for my children to see that I'd graduated from college, not just hear about it. And, it's always fun hanging out with Amanda!
Evan LOVES hats, and so had a lot of fun with ours after the exercises :)
The next morning we had the processional at Provo Tabernacle, EARLY! Mike stayed with Evan at home, but my Mom brought Parker since he was awake. She was too late too find seats with my in-laws, so she ended up sitting up in the balcony near us, so Parker walked back and forth between her seat and ours. That made it fun.
Once again, we were able to be with the rest of our family: no point in going to more than one processional! Jonathan and Robby both graduated in Construction Management, so we went to their Processional, which was a lot smaller than the Humanities one would have been: and a lot quicker! We created quite a stir since we were the very first people to get our diploma covers, and there were five of us. Thomas was the last of us, and actually got a laugh, as the announcer said "Also walking with..." We're just an unforgettable family :)

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balloongal said...

I love that you all got to walk together. I agree, the Humanities one would have been too long. I watched my brother graduate in Humanities several years back (glad I didn't have any kids at the time).