Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas spirit

I forgot to mention this in my entry last night. I really love the fact that our Christmas season is during the winter months, because it makes extra service so much easier! Thomas got home from school last night, and apologized for being a little late. (Honestly, I hadn't been expecting him for another hour because I was up to my nose in kids...) He's been riding his bike to and from school (yay for going green!) and he noticed a woman shoveling her driveway on his way home, so he hopped off his bike, set it down, and finished up her driveway for her. What a sweetheart. He and Mike also shoveled our driveway Sunday morning, and then ended up shoveling that of our neighbor's as well. That's my sweetie! Honestly though, he'd do it even if it wasn't Christmas-time :)

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